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My Personal User Manual

My Personal User Manual

Welcome my Personal User Manual! If you’d like to create your own check out this template.

About Me

I am from Northern Ireland, studied Business Management in the UK and Computer Science with a focus on Machine Learning in the US. I work in the Identity Infrastructure team at Skyscanner. Outside of work I am a keen golfer, although I don’t get to play much in London. Lately I’ve been trying, mostly unsuccessfully, to learn how to play the piano. I also mess around with React Native for my own app inHouse and recently I’ve been experimenting with with Clojure and PySyft in my spare time.

How to Contact Me

I generally prefer slack but if the conversation is wide ranging feel free to start a zoom call or meet in person.

I catch up on emails and messages on Sunday evening so if something important comes up feel free to message outside of working hours, I’ll make sure to get back to you before Monday morning.

Preferred Working Style

Typically I prefer quiet work with minimal disruptions. I tend to structure my day to do focused work in the morning and a little after lunch. If you have something to discuss or you want to pair on something I’m always up for that but if it could wait until the afternoon that would be ideal.

I’m pretty new to pairing as a working style but I’d like to improve - I’d be particularly interested in expanding my Java and IaC skillset also, so if you spot an opportunity where that could be mutually beneficial please reach out!

What Motivates Me

I am equally interested in the the low level implementation details as well as the high level product and business motivation for the work. I enjoy a technical challenge and even more so if there are tangible outcomes which benefit end users.

I am passionate about learning so when the opportunity arises to try a new technology or approach that is always motivating.

I enjoy the process of gathering data, learning and iterating. In many ways I find that more fulfilling than getting it right first time.

What Demotivates Me

I don’t particularly enjoy writing documentation for existing services. Although I do enjoy writing design documents and documenting services as they are being built, so I think it’s the piecing together of stale information that I find a little frustrating.

I enjoy debating the merits of different approachs and feel I learn a lot from others, through that process. However when discussions become a battle of opinions over data, where data is available, I find that can be demotivating.

My Values (and what I value in others)

Dedication with empathy. I admire people who are driven and who value the truth but hold other’s feelings in equally high regard.

Integrity. I believe that that technology is a positive force of good but that we must decide to act with integrity on behalf of our users.

Commitment. I value ideas backed up with action.

My Blind Spots

I’m always open to directed constructive feedback, feel free to drop me a message with anything you think might be helpful. I do need to remember to send feedback requests but if I don’t and you’d prefer your feedback was anonymous don’t hesitate to leave it in Impraise. Some areas I’m working on:

I really enjoy learning from the experience of others. It’s also a huge bonus if you have book or talk recommendations.

My Pet Peeves

Debating with opinions when data is available

People who interrupt others. Sometimes it’s hard to get the timings right over zoom, but if I ever do this to you please call me out!

When people view work (or life) as a zero sum game.


Please feel free to send me feedback requests - I’m always happy to complete them.